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Last updated 5 Jun 2019
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 1Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 2Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 3Closed
Duncan McKinnon ReserveClosed
Marlborough ReserveClosed

Friendship Requests

Friendship Requests Policy

We have many players who prefer to play in the same team as their friend/s.

We accept friendship requests and do our best to accommodate them, however given that we have 60 teams and 1,000 plus players, it is not always possible.

A friendship request to be in the same team as one or two (maximum) other players is considered reasonable.

Requests comprising of excessive player lists, entire teams or school classes will not be accepted.

Friendship requests will not be accepted after teams have been selected and communicated.

Friendship requests will not be accepted if they compromise the grading or team selection process. For example, if one player is graded as a Kangaroo and the other a Wallaby, both players will have to play in the Wallabies league if they want to play in the same team. The lower graded player cannot play in the Kangaroos.

Friendship requests must be received by the end of January each year.
Friendship request should be sent to

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