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Last updated 5 Jun 2019
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 1Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 2Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 3Closed
Duncan McKinnon ReserveClosed
Marlborough ReserveClosed

Season Competition Dates

Season 2023 - key dates

Finals (if applicable) are played in September following the conclusion of the regular home and away season.


Start Date

End Date
Miniroos Kickoff

18 sessions

22 April

9 September
Sub-Junior (U7 to U12)

18 Rounds

22 April
9 September
Junior (U13 to U18)
State League Women
Men's Metropolitan League

18 Rounds

23 April
10 September
Mens State League

22 Rounds

18 March

26 August
Mens Masters Over 35s

18 Rounds
17 March
25 August
Mens Masters Over 45s

22 Rounds
15 April

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