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Last updated 5 Jun 2019
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 1Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 2Closed
Bailey Reserve - Pitch 3Closed
Duncan McKinnon ReserveClosed
Marlborough ReserveClosed

Season Competition Dates

Season 2024 - key dates

Finals (if applicable) are played in September following the conclusion of the regular home and away season.


Start Date

End Date
Miniroos Kickoff

18 sessions

20 April

7 September
Sub-Junior (U7 to U12)

18 Rounds

20 April
7 September
Junior (U13 to U18)
State League Women
Men's Metropolitan League

18 Rounds

21 April
8 September
Mens State League

22 Rounds

23 March

7 September
Mens Masters Over 35s

18 Rounds
5 April
6 September
Mens Masters Over 45s

22 Rounds
7 April

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