Age Group Training Frequency Training Night/s
Sub-Juniors (U7 to U11) 1 or 2 nights per week* Monday and/or Wednesday
Juniors (u12 to U18) 2 nights per week  Tuesday and Thursday
Seniors  2 nights per week Tuesday and Thursday

*U7s train one night per week only.
*U8s & U9s are encouraged to train 2 nights per week if possible.    
*U10s & U11s are expected to train 2 nights per week if possible.
All other age groups train 2 nights per week.
Training sessions run for approximately 60 to 90 minutes, starting from around 6pm.
The scheduling of training sessions is the responsibility of the team’s coach.
If the Club is of the opinion that the health and safety of players is at risk due to adverse weather and ground conditions, training will be cancelled.
If the light towers at the ground are off, training has been cancelled.      
If training has been cancelled, the Club will send a notification to advise relevant parties by email or SMS.

Future Football Miniroos Training

Every Miniroos team (U7-U11) will have at least 3 training sessions provided by Future Football during the season.

The schedule is set out below. Your training times and venue will vary on these weeks. Team managers are responsible for making sure the team attend these sessions. The team will also receive an email the week before as a reminder.
Monday: Duncan Mackinnon Reserve - Pitch K&L next to the netball courts
Wednesday: Bailey Reserve - Pitch 1 A&B outside the main clubrooms

2019 Calendar
EBSC Sub Junior Support Program
  Monday   Wednesday
Venue: Duncan Mackinnon Venue: Bailey Reserve
Pitch: K L L Pitch: A B A B
Time: 5.30pm 6pm 7pm Time: 5.30pm 6pm 6.30pm 7pm
Coach Jesper John John Coach Jesper John Jesper John
1-Jul U9 Scorpions U9 Samurai U10 Sharks 3-Jul U9 Strikers U11 Stingers U11 (G) Strikers U11 Samurai
8-Jul Away Away Away 10-Jul U11 Stingers U9 Strikers U11 Sharks U11 Scorpions
15-Jul U8 Lightning U7 Strikers U10 Sharks 17-Jul U7 Sharks U8 (G) Strikers U9 Stingers U11 (G) Strikers
22-Jul U9 Scorpions U8 Scorpions U10 Lightning 24-Jul U9 Strikers U9 (G) Strikers U11 Samurai U11 (G) Lightning
29-Jul U9 Lightning U9 Sharks U11 Strikers 31-Jul U8 Samurai U7 Scorpions U11 Scorpions U10 Thunder
5-Aug U10 (G) Strikers U9 Thunder U11 Thunder 7-Aug U8 Sharks ** U8 Strikers U10 Samurai U10 Scorpions
12-Aug U8 Strikers U9 Samurai U10 Lightning 14-Aug U11 Stingers U9 Strikers U10 Sharks U11 Sharks
19-Aug       21-Aug U9 (G) Strikers U8 Thunder U11 (G) Lightning U11 Samurai

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